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    This commercial is. the best palm pre ad so far and it was done by a fan..palm needs to hire this guy or atleast buy this ad from him.
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    i was just getting ready to post this and figured i should make sure someone didnt beat me to the punch.....i agree 100%. This should be aired on television without a doubt. Simple, yet informative. Exactly what Palm needs.
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    The only thing I don't like is the music. But that's just a matter of preference/taste. Brilliant commercial none the less..
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    what a great comercial just what Palm needs
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    very nice, wish it was like 3 seconds longer but i know it must have taken alot of work to do that.

    EXCELLENT JOB!!! ;-) I think we should all start doing this, maybe palm with make a commercial about how much people love their phones.
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    Hey guys, thanks a lot. Theres actually already a very active thread about my clip, so lets keep the discussion in one place, makes things easier:

    Were also discussing a possible follow up ad there with input from precentral!
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    Excellent. Get the rights to it, Palm.
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    WOW! That is the best
    commercial for Palm!
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    wow this was posted yesturday
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    I have always liked this one
    too... Not sure why it doesn't
    get more "air time"...

    YouTube - Palm Pre "This Weekend" (HDTV)
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    this definately should be on the front page of precentral. People need to know about this. The ad doesnt explain to me anything but its freaking cool! If palm made add like these people will atleast check out the phone.
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    It's also being featured prominently on the front page of Engadget at the moment:

    Fan-made Pre ad gets the point, why can't Palm? (video) -- Engadget
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    That was pretty neat commerical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2Ninjas View Post
    I have always liked this one
    too... Not sure why it doesn't
    get more "air time"...

    YouTube - Palm Pre "This Weekend" (HDTV)
    Yeah, there were two of these posted on the Palm site for a short while before the Pre was released, and either of them probably would've been better than the commercials they went with.

    And this is coming from someone who initially liked the first commercial in China, but then they went the entirely wrong direction from there.
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    I can't compete with that....

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    Hi all,

    I just found the following and it got me thinking. I wonder if the first few lines is true. Is Palm going to have ThiesFX help them with a commercial???


    Top 10 Mobile Phones » News » Fan's Palm Pre ad causes stir

    Palm could be asking a fan of its Pre mobile and webOS platform for advice after he made a professional-looking ad for the phone that many believe to be superior to the official campaign.

    The short advert created by the mysterious ThiesFX is being lauded principally because it focuses on the multitasking abilities of the webOS and conveys them in a simple and obvious manner.

    The minute-long official ad that Palm itself produced when the Pre launched has failed to get the Pre to the top of the best-sellers list and was criticised as under-selling the high-end smartphone's capabilities.

    At 50 per cent of the length and with equally impressive production values, ThiesFX has shown the professional ad men how to do it properly.

    His labour of love has already gained plenty of attention on social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter and has been attracting thousands of hits on YouTube.

    Whether it will generate the much-needed publicity around the Pre and webOS that has so far proved to be elusive, however, is another matter entirely.
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