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    I don't know if it's only happening to me but since 1.4 loading some (bigger) websites sometimes causes a restart of Java Services. I thought it might be only lags because the websites are so huge but since I installed the "Persistent Brightness Unlinked"-patch I know it's not because the banner (BU is running...) shows up when the lag is gone.

    Anyone else having this problem and (how) did you fix it?
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    I had the same exact problem. Pretty annoying. What seemed to fix mine was deleting the Brightness Unlinked app. Stopped getting the restart. But.. I need the app @ night so I ended up installing it again, and now I get the same problem all over again. If you could do without the app delete it. Personally I need the app so I'm stuck with the problem..
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    Try the iPhone Spoof Patch. I also had this issue, but not with WebOS version 1.4. I noticed the problem came about after I had been using the Browser for a long while and the Resources were being used up. The iPhone Spoof Patch can be found on this site, or in Preware.

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    I'm having this same problem. When viewing large websites, the phone locks up until it restarts Java. I couldn't find the Iphone Spoof patch in preware. Is this problem specific to 1.4?

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