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    narrowed it down to specific app, nvmd
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    what kind of issues where you having?
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    original post:

    I have this weird bug that happens almost every time the screen turns off.

    - Screen turns off at the time it's supposed to (30 seconds, 2 mins, etc.)

    - 30 seconds later, screen turns on again, shows for ~10 seconds, then turns off again for good.

    - This wouldn't be a big issue, but when the screen turns on by itself, it doesn't respond to touches until i power the screen off and back on manually. This occurs if I try to use the screen immediately when it turns back on, or later when I turn the screen back on for the first time. No matter what, I have to cycle the screen off and on manually to get it to respond to touches.
    I was able to narrow it down to Mode Switcher, so I reposted in the thread for the app.

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