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    I'm interested in writting an application mostly for my personal use, but may eventually want to add it to the appcat.

    right now I'm keeping track of my buget on my computer using Excel which works great, except I can't take it with me and edit it. I want to write an app that allows a person to input income when it comes in and transactions as they spend money. Also for the user to be abkle to input expenses, the due date, and if its reoccuring and have the abillity to see how much money needs to be set aside from each check for that bill.

    I get paid weekly so I do a weekly budget and I'm sure a large number of people would fit that bill as well but I'd like the abillity to customize the app for monthly pay, bi-weekly, and even daily. As well as for multiple person incomes (like if a couple budget together).

    my question is where do I start? I know no coding language. Is this doable through Ares?
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    You'd probably be best off looking into storing this somewhere online - and just syncing the information with the online database at various times.

    I've not looked at Ares at all, but you need to learn some HTML/CSS to start with the look -- you could always try to find a kind developer to do your idea for you.
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    I find that HTML/CSS isn't the problem, but Javascript in webOS is ultra confusing. I'm not much of a developer, so webOS coding confuses me.

    I'm trying to write an app that allows you to search a database for a certain number which pulls up information related to it, and I have no clue how to do that..
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    I've been trying to find an app like that. It surpises me all the expense apps don't have such a basic feature like reoccuring expenses. Bills, etc, you got to input them all the time.
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    Get a copy of the Palm WebOS Developer Guide from O'Reilly Publications. It is great for getting you going. If you get it online you can get both print and ebook.

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