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    I know we where tossing around the idea of a scrollbar. It seems not enough are interested in it, but why not have somethings like (50/100) to indicate that you are at 50% of 100% of the page or even just (50) without the (of 100%) indicator. It could almost be transparent around the bottom right corner or somewhere of the screen or really wherever. It wouldn't take much room. Or how about a scrollbar on the side that you don't move, it's just there to show how big the page is and as you scrolldown it gets longer and longer instead of scrolling. It could just be like a pixel wide. Any other ideas are welcomed!
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    I would love something like this for my phone, preferably something on the side and on the bottom, only a pixel or two wide like you said just to let us know where we are on the screen.
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    I would appreciate that as well. if its related could it have a quick "top of page" function?
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    yes please
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    srollbar 1 pixel difinite
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    What I think would work best is a small position marker on the left and right sides the page, but only when we touch the screen. When we let go, the position marker would disappear.

    And, yes, some mechanism to jump to the very top or bottom of a page. There was a mod that did that before the whole Patching system was unified between Preware and webOS QI.
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    Pixel scrollbar please.
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    I've seen this post already and commented on it, but apparently nobody is really checking it. That scrollbar idea is more of a interactive scrollbar rather than an indicator.

    I love the idea of the indicator only showing up when you touch the screen. As for the patch to make the page jump to the top and bottom it's called "Multi Mod and it works now.

    I hope someone with some talent can make this happen.
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    Anyone else interested in this. There's gotta be a developer who could do this. I'm sure there's enough folks that would use this. Help a brotha out!
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    just expessing interest in scroll position indicator
    doesn't have to actually scroll, just show how much longer the email/web page is left to read.

    really like the idea of on-touch only
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    I think if everyone who visits and is interested in this post would just place a +1 or leave some sort of comment, someone with more skill then I could make a patch for this.
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    Yeah great idea, and if they can make it work with the full web page patch even better
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    A "where am I" indicator is definitely one thing our beloved OS needs to implement. I remember when first looking at the phone in the store, not realizing that there were more settings on the screen I was on. Nothing indicated I needed to scroll down in the menu. A good example of this is geostrings. Was surprised when I discovered how much was offscreen that I was missing out on when setting up a geostring.

    Having to instinctively constantly flick to see if there is more below isn't a good UI.

    And on the topic of the web browser, gesture+'insert some key here' for top and bottom of page is sorely needed. I know there is a patch for that, but I think it is only with the orange key. I rarely browse with the keyboard open.
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