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    This may have come up before but I couldn't find a thread directed at this specifically.

    I know people are having problems with random luna resets. Mine started after upgrading to 1.4. The normal time line for me would be press the power button to get the screen to turn on a few times and nothing would happen. Then I'd open the slider to see if that would work and after a few seconds the screen would come on with the Palm logo pulsing. It took the normal 5 or so minutes to restart and then everything was fine.

    However, what I've now realized is that that phone is in fact crashing much earlier in the time line, some time well before I ever hit the power button to bring the screen on. Last night I tried to turn the screen on and had it crash like normal but once it came back on line I had two missed texts and a missed call, all of which were at least 30 minutes old.

    To me, that means my phone crashed at least 30 minutes before I tried to turn the screen on and I potentially was missing calls and texts for that time frame.

    Has anybody else had this happen or are most resets occurring while people are actually using the phone?
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    it happened to me as well. I was waiting to receive a call around a certain time, and when i checked 20 min after, my phone had turned off and after the palm logo i had a missed call and VM. I hope its fixed on 1.4.1.

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