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    Lets ignore for a second that palm is expected to fail in the next year or so. Lets pretend that the pre was a win for palm and they are going on with business as usual over at Sunnyvale California. I would like to share my thoughts on how palm could keep a stronghold in the area I believe is their only clear advantage over the competition...Multitasking.

    I consider myself very familiar with the iphone as well as android. I am just about as knowledgeble when it comes to navigating around the iphone or droid as I am with the pre. In this situation, the iphone as is, to a normal consumer is not even in the competition, it is a unitasker. I feel that android might as well be a unitasker as well. Yes, you can have more than one app running at once, but you can't USE more than one app at a time. Switching from app to app on android is nearly a chore.

    I wouldn't doubt for a second that apple and google have plans up their sleeves to incorporate better multitasking. I can honestly imagine both of them straight ripping off of WebOS, and if not, i'm sure they will have a similar and if not better take on it that the will implement soon.

    I think WebOS multitasking is very good as is, but could use some obvious improvements. I think it would make all to much sense to swipe down a card to minimize it, but keep it in a "drawer" with other open apps. I can imagine that it would either keep them in the notification area, or you could pull down a menu on the upper left of the screen that would have a list of all minimized applications. I'm sure there are many different ways this could be implemented, but my point is just that I want a solution for keeping apps open, but being able to minimize them so that I can view the home screen. If widgets were ever added into webos, this would be a very good reason for them to do something like this.

    I am pretty ocd when it comes to my multitasking. I admit that I don't take full advantage of the phones capabilities due to my hatred of having a cluttered home screen. I am the same way on my computer. If I ever leave my computer I like to close out of or at least minimize everything I am doing. The battery drain caused by leaving apps open isn't even part of the issue for me, its really only because I don't like having any clutter. I know it comes down to personal preference, but I think the system I have suggested would make webOS more efficient, and for me personally, would eliminate all of the lag I experience using webos, by allowing me to keep all of my most used apps open, in a minimized, but still fully open state.

    Please palm, if you are reading this, try and incorporate something like this by the time we get to 2.0 or so. Please
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    If you don't like a cluttered look but want to multitask you gotta check out the clear card app. You'll be more willing to multitask when you don't have to worry about what's obscuring your screen.
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    +1 for the "Clear Card" app. I hope they continue to improve customization for this app. It has become a must have for me to give that home screen feel. Great App. everyone should check it out.
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    For now:
    +1 for ClearCard. It gives you that "uncluttered homescreen" feeling, and allows you to take advantage of the quick response of already-running apps.

    For later:
    If widgets are in the future, I like your idea of minimizing all to a drawer. It could work like a hidden taskbar, with all open card icons becoming visible at once.
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    I have ClearCard and I like what the app devs are trying to do. I will admit that it is the best solution out right now for my problem, but for some reason I can't get into the habit of using it.

    Either way, I think it would be in palms best interest to continue developing their system of multitasking.
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    Is multitasking even fully functional? Whenever I open a browser, or news app, switch to something else while waiting for it to load, when I finally switch back it is still in the loading stage. It never actually loads the page till I switch back to it and wait for it to load, so it is as if the web browser goes to a paused state while doing something else, not true multitasking. Mail and pandora seem to work fine in the background, but web and news apps just sit there for me (endgadget, nytimes, etc).

    I think a better idea for widget use and de-clutter, would be to have the background be in the card cycle. So you can move to it just like any other application, and it would just show the background, no cards, but you could tap the gesture area as normal and it would switch back to the current view. (another option is to have a special gesture to get to it quickly) This would be similar to what the clear card allows, but would be more amiable to widgets.

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