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    I too believe that bigger is not always better. Both the EVO & the HD2 seem to be awesome devices, but the screen is so large that it makes them borderline to big to conveniently carry around as an everyday device, much like a tablet would be.
    The next Palm device should be between 3.75" & 4".
    The Saint
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    I hope Palm comes out with a bigger screen also. The EVO is one sweet looking device.
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    i agree a larger screen but no more then 3.7 imo. The droid uses more realestate and keeps the phone pocketable. I really like the screen size of the droid though the look and feel is horriable. If Palm can duplicate a htc touch pro 2 design i think they would have the industry on lock. To me the reason my the tp2 failed is because of the OS wimo 6.5, with a webos enabled tp2 type phone with 1ghz processor and 1gig ram and rom for multitasking with no lag, a better cam pixel, they would dwarf the comp. Also of course slapp on the 4g wimax option through sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stockh View Post
    A larger screen handset would round out the Palm lineup nicely.

    Pixi - (2.6") starter
    Pre - (3.1") mid range
    Pro - (4" +) let's get ready to rumble!
    Now this is what I'm hoping palm does, but
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    New hardware was never a far off approach. It's no doubt what Web OS needs. Not going to elaborate but on the 4.3 inch+ ideal, best in your dreams. A lot of sites noted the HD 2 and EVO 4G's screens were pushing the limits of a cell phone screen. Any larger and your reaching tablet territory. Or at least devices that go against the whole point of having a pocketable phone. But chea a larger screen for the next Web OS device is a go. Although note the Pre's size ment more pixels packed in which ment better view. Now bdog. While a lot of people liked the Palm Pixi, Palm never really tried to hide the fact that Pixi mirrors the centro by cheap and reliable standards while the Pre is their flagship model.( While the starting price was high nowadays both models are free through a 3rd party like Amazon or Walmart) Not much else to say on that front. Typing on a touchscreen so please excuse spelling mistakes.)
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