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    Slightly larger, but they need to keep the same aspect ratio. I'm thinking VGA 640x480. And use something similar to the ipad in doubling app screen size to fit so they don't lose out on the already made apps. A scratch resistant glass screen (please) and keep the form factor. And the ONLY reason to launch it solely on Sprint would be if it too included a WiMax chip. Otherwise release to ALL carriers at once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scuba_steve View Post
    Speaking as a member of the older crowd, a larger screen option would be nice. Just wait folks, one day you are feeling like a kid and the next day you are noticing that you need to hold things further away to read them....and you are all getting closer to that moment every day.
    I'm in the "older crowd" (63) and I like the size of the Pre screen just fine. I like the way it fits in my hand.
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    I think a lot of the post that say they are happy with the current screen size are missing an important point.

    Palm not only needs to hold market share but GROW market share.

    The current handsets (Pixi and Pre) handle a certain demographic.

    There is NO WAY the Pre can compete/appeal to the higher end market (large screen handsets). Just look at the post of many stating they can't wait to jump ship.

    Palm, please release an announcement that you plan on releasing a new handset with a big screen. This will at least keep your current fan base happy and hopefully put an end to all this nonsense about people jumping ship!
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    I'd say Palm has space in the lineup to have a larger screen device, but 4.3" or larger is just ludicrous. The large screen device can slot above the Pre, then the Pre moved down as a mid-range device.

    I wouldn't buy it though, but I know there are people out there. Pre's perfect for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mvpilot172 View Post
    I want a crystal clear screen with a decent size, not a tablet computer in my pocket. Well actually I doubt a 4.3'' phone would fit in a pocket.
    I can fit a ps3 game (with the case) in my pocket no sweat, but still don't want my phone to be that big... 3.7-4.0 super amloed with slide out keyboard like the pre.
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    I honestly get a kick out of people saying a phone over "x" size would be too big to talk on. I seem to be the only person on this forum who has talked on land-line phones roughly the length of two Pre's.

    On the other hand, listening how people say the Pre's current screen size is outdated is funny as well. Still looks bigger then most Blackberrys I see, the most popular smart phone brand there is.
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    It's not the size of the ship-
    but the motion of the ocean.. .

    Realistically, I would like to see a little bit bigger screen but no more thicker and preferably more thinner than the Pre and a little bit bigger / wider full qwerty.
    More importantly give me a solid slider phone with more RAM and memory, higher mega-pixel camera with more functionality, are a few Widgets too much too ask(?) and 4G coverage in my area and I'm down for Pre round 2.

    The HTC evo is looking nice (minus the kickstand ) but hands on experience will tell all..
    I will be following that released information as available along with all the other devices to come by this summer and can only hope Palm steps it up proper.

    The next 2-5 months should prove interesting in the smart phone world.. .
    Everybody wants some!..
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    The kickstand sounds kind of dumb, but just last night actually I found myself trying to prop up my Pre while a video played and I was working on the computer. A kickstand can be useful I think. Not an everyday thing, but useful once a week or so for me. Worth it being on a phone for me.
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    This conversation is telling in that it's highlights one of Palm's problems, they are simply aren't large enough to carry a range of products to appeal to different demographics and user needs and they aren't a brand like Apple that can (via marketing muscle) get away with a single form factor.
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    i have no problems with the screen when watching vids browsing the web and im'ing/txt'ing. only prob i get is when playing games with on screen controls that im not a fan of anyways. anyways my 2cents
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    WebOS 1.5 or 2.0 on a 3.7" nHD or VGA or higher res. LED screen in a 105 x 62 x 13 mm QWERTY slider (horizontal or vertical..i don't care) form factor with 1.5 GHz Snapdragon or 1 Ghz Cortex A9, 16GB internal + microSD, 1500 mah battery, under 150 gms weight...

    Throw in full bluetooth support + DVD or 720p HD quality video recording, and that for me is mobile nirvana (for now...hehe)!
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    I kinda agree. Although I'm happy with the Pre's screen, they need a HUGE phone. There's only, what? 2 phones with 4.3" screens? They're pretty rare but people love them. They just need a phone that'll sell like crazy.
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    the more I think about it, the more I realize that palm really shouldn't spend too much time trying to innovate on hardware. a company like HTC who does hardware almost exclusively (outside of UI skinning) should be left to that. Apple didn't get where it is today through hardware innovation, they did it by constantly trying to upgrade the user experience of their products.

    I do think that palm should work on the build quality of their phones and make the minimum amount of spec upgrades to compete when it comes to hardware... but I think the main focus needs to be on constantly updating and improving webOS... that and building a vibrant and enthusiastic ecosystem around it.
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    i just finished seeing the hd2 and all i can say is wow the screen is huge and the phone really isn't humongous as you might expect it to be. I tried it by viewing websites in landscape mode you don't eve have to resize, zoom in, or play with the screen it just fits perfectly to your viewing. htc evo i think will sell like hot cakes. I dont like phones with out a physical keyboard but these phones are tempting. But i cant stand winmobile and android does not attract my attention other than all the apps.
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    Larger than 4.3 is ridiculous!!! People do not go to the store and think "omg this is only 4.3 inches there is no way im buying such a tiny phone" 4.3 is probably the limit, and there are much, MUCH better ways of distinguishing a phone other than just putting a retardedly big screen on it and whoring up the specs.
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    There are so many posts in this thread that deserve a "that's what she said." But I'm not even going to bother with each one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zealster View Post
    There are so many posts in this thread that deserve a "that's what she said." But I'm not even going to bother with each one.
    i just noticed
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    the problem with keyboard lies in the curves slider and recessed keyboard area. It's over engineered crap they outsmarted themselves with. Lose the curved slider. Lose the deep recess. Put the pixi keypad on it as it will have even better spacing. Lose the stupid bezel around the screen which is another long time Palm blunder, their love of bezels. Stretch the screen to the edges. Then thin out the phone a little bit, say 3-4mm.

    Big screens are overrated. Still won't stop me from trying the Evo, but I have a 2nd line to play around with. Hdmi out would allow me to do presentations on a big screen with just my phone. If I could use a BT presentation remote with it, that'd be the shiznit.

    Quote Originally Posted by jpdaballa View Post
    wider so the keyboard is a little bit bigger and people stop complaining.
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    and people aren't talking about jumping ship because the pre's screen is small and the new phones with 4.3" screens are the bomb. They're talking about leaving because the Pre hardware is less than optimal in build quality, keyboard quality and processor. And the pixi with lesser hardware and smaller screen is more niche than anything. If the Pre were a solid device and could be popular for another year it could sell well alongside a larger slate phone. But unfortunately it's not and gen2 has to be a Pre replacement. Ideally we'd like a 4" slate (you need room for the gesture area, a 3.6" slider, and 3.2" treo style. Funds ain't there for that unfortunately so you go to the middle one for gen 2 and try to pull users who want one of the other two. You do that by making it one kick *** phone. To make the treo user deal with the slider and make the big screen user settle for the smaller screen.
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    Are we heading back into the late 60's-70's where cars gre to gigantors. Honestly the new Droids and phones remind me of that, 70's Buick. Soon we will all have touch/pad/tablet/books and those are perfect to game away. Our phones need little places on our bodies and still can game when we can't carry our touch/pad/tablet/books. My phone 6 years ago was a smart phone and was smaller than a pre, it is sketched on the front page of precentral, it is a Handspring Treo 180. It was a too cool phone when it came out, I still have it I think.
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