Over the weekend I was using my GPS to go to Corpus Christi, Tx. My phone switched to roam for no apparent reason, I know this because my wifes blackberry is on the same acct and network, and hers was on the regular 3G network. The GPS stopped working, I got my phone to go back to 3G coverage, then it said the GPS could not pickup my phone. HMMM!!!. The next day I used my camera, took a few pictures, about 5, then went to take more, and the screen was all grey. I shut the camera app, and reloaded, still the same thing. While this was happening I was receiving text messages but the phone would not ring, even though the ringer was turned on. I have had bad luck with phones a lot this past year with Sprint, and I feel that when I purchased my Pre in November, that I should have chosen the HTC Hero since they now say that phone is better than Pre. Anyone have any input??