Hello there

The thing is that when you´re driving, for instance, and you don´t need to look at the phone let´s say for a minute because you´re on the right path,,, but hey, when you unlock the screen to take a look again cause you know your turn may be close.... your actual location needs to ''reload'' so it takes some seconds to be updated and you may have lost your way !!!
this also happens when you go into another app and return to the maps app after a while

does this have anything to do with the article posted on page #4 named:
''How Should Background Apps Function?''¿?
i quote some lines:
Developers were the first to notice this changed with webOS 1.4. Now, after 15 seconds, applications without an active stage are automatically closed. Naturally this caused a bit of frustration; getting an active GPS location alone can take 30+ seconds, so how could a background applications get everything done in 15 seconds?''
if there´s a solution i´d be glad (not only me i think )

see you guys