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    I just came back from a weeks holiday in the Czech Republic. Having my Pre with me made the trip so much easier and nicer, made me appreciate the device even more.

    The phone immediately connected to the car system in the Ford rental car for hands free calling. Switching off data roaming was no problem as we crossed the border, free wifi was available almost everywhere at hotels and restaurants, so I could still check my email and Facebook to stay up to date. The calendar is always on hand for checking on some bookings or meet-ups.

    Google maps is useful as always when you have a data connection, but Mapping Tool was used more with some pre loaded maps. Checked the web a couple of times to verify things.

    I also ended up using FourSquare quite a bit for tips and todo's and search for good restaurants. Evernote was used a number of times as well to capture some things I might want to check out later and for some inspirational stuff I saw along the way. And of course the camera is always there for some holiday snapshots and the odd video. Then there are still the music player for some tunes and NFSU for the quiet moments.
    And last but not least, I could stay up to date with the latest and greatest on PreCentral!

    It's just amazing how versatile smartphones (and especially the Pre) are these days!
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    Ditto, from one who makes frequent trips back and forth between Oklahoma City and Kansas City.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

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