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    One thing to jumpstart the ad campaign from palm would be a celebrity endorsement. I heard attack of the show gave the the pre a 5/5. Ok, why not have Olivia Munn adn that guy from the show do a Palm Pre ad?

    Or get some pretty celebrity women that use the Pre out there demonstrating 3d-games and heck guys will be drooling over it (er, I mean the Pre too). IT needs to be young celebrities our age...not Whoopi Goldberg or some older folks like the mytouch ads (not sure who they're going after). Could anyone imagine an ad with Olivia Wilde? I know she's on twitter, but imagine her selling the Pre?
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    Why doesn't Bono be the celebrity endorsement. Isn't he in the elevation thing. People like him.. I think.
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    yes yes yes

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