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    Palm needs to work on Software - like adding MIC drivers - with all this doom and gloom and news Palm has tons of leftover inventory, what's going to save Palm is some slick features of WebOS

    Let's face it: The OS rocks, with its multitasking and keyboard. But my friends' droid can record voice, voice-recogntition and an app called Shazam to interpret music. Apart from that there's nothing really spectacular about the droid. To zoom in on pics, you can't do pinch and zoom and you can't multitask.

    Mic Drivers are the last remaining obstacle for WebOS - introduce that in WebOS 1.5 and then work on GPU optimization of LUNA to make it snappy and clean up any remaining bugs

    Then just ADVERTISE the PRE with a 3d-game like NFS or Shrek in 1-2 cards, Facebook app in another card and Twitter in another, and web in another. ANd mobile hotspot turned on and a guy using his netbook. And then show voice dictation/recognition and partner with Shazam to get an app like that released.

    THis is the stuff people really DO - facebook, twitter, web adn gamining. No one cares about "Mom's Calendar" - we have 4 pre's and we barely use the calendar like it's shown on TV.

    Do this and the remaining inventory will sell like hotcakes!

    The Pre is just getting started. We just are catching up now to the rest, it's not the time to give up. We just got our vid camera, 3d-gaming, cool apps like epocrates. Let's win the fight and show the Droid and iPHONE some real competition!
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    palm needs to work on Hardware. It's hardware failure or inadequacy that's killing webOS.
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    yeah i agree there was a big hardware problem and that needs to be fixed first
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    I think if palm opens up the mic api alot of new and great things will flow from that. Like the OP said voice recording, voice-recognition, and shazam would be great additions. Also, a better visual voicemail app could be implemented, so that voicemail can be played through the earpiece instead of speaker. I disagree with most that the Pre has had major build issues. There have been problems and the echo in these forums make it seem worse than it is. I don't think Palms hardware is any worse than any of the others phones out there. The only draw backs I see are a non-movable camera lens and compass. The ability to focus the camera is the biggest hardware drawback I have noticed. Also, I think Palm needs to actively work with some of the big app developers to get apps like docs2go, shazam, etc. to the app catalog sooner rather than later. Well that my humble 2cents anyway.
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    the hardware is actually decent (processor specs, comprable to others etc) - the build quality is sucky with complaints of cracks etc. From what i hear, The reason the OS doesn't feel snappy though is GPU optimization of LUNA - everything moves slow and sluggish as it hasn't been optimized.

    With 1/2 million pre's in inventory, they probably aren't gonna put out a new Pre I figure. But they CAN sell what they have if the software gets a tuneup to make it more snappy and they add microphone drivers, etc. The "out of memory" error is a perfect example. I'll get that error when trying to launch a 3d-game. A 1/2 hr later without a reboot the same app runs fine - it's not so much hardware, as it is software. This is a totally new OS that's just a year old. They need more programmers to finish writing the OS and make it more stable and snappy.
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    a good example is WIndows VistA vs. Windows 7. Better software makes the same old hardware feel like a new machine. Windows 7 is fast, stable, solid and slick. All they did was tune up the software.
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    Yes, but gpu optamization means re-writting alot of the code, which would take up alot of resources that palm can't afford to waste. A 800mhz processor will take care of the speed as we have seen in the overclocked videos...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberprashant View Post
    No one cares about "Mom's Calendar" - we have 4 pre's and we barely use the calendar like it's shown on TV.
    I actually think the ad was a decent one for putting out around Valentine's Day and they might want to put it out around Mother's Day as well.

    But, there's definitely some calendar limitations that are putting people off, especially in the area of Exchange ActiveSync.

    Palm (at least initially) seemingly wanted to market this as the phone that can do business great and pleasure great.

    But if you don't have all the ActiveSync features in calendar (add meeting attendees and stuff like that), then you can't really court the WM and BB users that much.

    I don't use EAS anymore, so it doesn't affect me, but there's a ton who that does affect.

    But yeah, I think they need to go back to focusing a little on the work and play aspects combined. I like the most recent commercial, but it needs to be a line of commercials, featuring not just one person.

    My idea for a commercial (which I'm sure everyone has their own ideas too):

    Have a stuffy businessman on the bus or train to work, and have him checking his calendar or something. Then have him swipe back to one of the 3d games, and it could maybe even show a younger version of himself enjoying the game to pass the time. An email notification comes in, saying something like: "Did you get the latest sales figures for the presentation?" so he opens the Excel attachment or whatever, checks them out, and replies, and then you see that the guy is a combination of the stuffy businessman and the younger version, and it could fade to some catchy slogan that I can't think of yet.

    That's what I find the Pre is best for, honestly, and not a single commercial has shown that off. The iPhone: Great games and media features, not so great a business phone. Blackberry: Great email and IM, everything else sucks. WM: Great Exchange support, everything else sucks. But the Pre does a good to great job on most of those features (with the exception of the aforementioned Exchange calendar stuff) and that's what Palm keeps forgetting to highlight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    Yes, but gpu optamization means re-writting alot of the code, which would take up alot of resources that palm can't afford to waste. A 800mhz processor will take care of the speed as we have seen in the overclocked videos...
    what are they gonna do though with the excess inventory of existing pre's....could they overclock them a little (stability vs. performance?). Palm doesn't have much capital left?!

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