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    Made some dinner plans with friends today. Opened up the open table app, made reservations for 4. Added the event to my calendar through the app (synergy is awesome). Started checking some scores on ESPN, got a text saying our friends were running late, switched back to the open table app, pushed the reservation back by 30 minutes. Went to pick up our friends, while waiting outside, pulled up my calendar and clicked on the dinner reservation. Went to event location and clicked on directions. The pre pulled up sprint nav and we were off to the restaurant with turn by turn. While at dinner, decided we should catch a movie. Pulled up Flixster, checked times at the nearby theater. Tried buying tickets through Flixster (awful, awful interface for this), but had trouble, so pulled up the web browser and went to (recommend the iphone version of the website works much better) to buy the tix. All the while I was up to date on my college basketball scores and my bracket. Not a bad couple hours of work for the pre. Now why can't palm just show something this DIRECT in its advertising. Just show how useful the phone actually is, instead of showing us these relatively abstract ads

    With all these viral threads I figured if we had a thread documenting actual everyday situational uses of the pre, we can show how great it is! Also maybe give some ideas to palm/the grassroots websites/videos. So any other everyday stories?
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    Cool little story.
    BTW have you ever tried buying movie tix using the Fandango app, just wondering if that one is any good.
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    Yes, the Fandango app is great, I use it all the time. Give it a try you'll probably like as much as I do.
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    The only reason I prefer flixster/ is that with AMC movie theaters if you have a moviewatchers card, there is no transaction fee!...Plus you can't buy AMC tickets through Fandango at all! But do agree, overall the fandango app is much better
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    If its not frozen,, I use it to call someone

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