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    I have nine alarms set, each for a different time, each for once only. I woke up to the correct alarm, however later I went to set another, mind you the phone has been on since I awoke, all my alarms were set for 1 pm and daily.

    Yes I do have Preware and homebrew apps installed, none effecting my alarms though, and it's been over a week since I've installed any new software.

    Any ideas what that could be about?

    Palm Pre Plus, 1.4
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    This is a known bug that several people have experienced and reported before. I've had it happen twice, on different firmwares. It just happened to me last night again. I have three alarms set. They all got reset to 7am, daily and were named simply "Alarm." Luckily I noticed it last night...instead of in the morning, when it would be too late. Probably should look for a more reliable clock/alarm.

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