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    I can no longer login to my bank website (uses .aspx webpages) after the 1.4 palm update. If palm does not fix this soon, I'm going to switch back to
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    You don't happen to be talking about do you? Cuz they just broke that to kingdom-come themselves.

    But no, aspx files are nothing special, they are simple webpage which do magic behind it, if your seeing a problem it is most likely not on the side of Palm as you would see problems everywhere, if it doesn't resolve itself with a History Flush (and if it's not wellsfargo) try using the user-agent patch to see if your bank just hates webos.
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    Actually, I don't have Wells Fargo, I have a local federal credit union, University Federal Credit Union, & I had no problems whatsoever accessing my account from the webos Web browser until I updated to 1.4.

    I'll check PreWare & see if there is a browser patch. If I can't find a solution then I'm just going to go back to using WebosDoctor.

    If you guys find n e thing, keep me updated, I will do as well.

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