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  • Yes, I love this idea and want it to be part of WebOS.

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    I remember that on all of my old Nextel Phones, and probably most generic cell phones in general, that there are usually four arrow keys and two option keys that are user-programmable to bring up certain features, or applications, on the phone. So, for example, you could push Left for SMS, Right for Call History, Up for Internet, etc...

    I'm sure that every Palm Pre & Pixi user has certain applications that they use very often. For me, that would be the messenger and email applications. For others, it may be the phone, or calendar, or something else. Of course, with WebOS, we have the four QuickLaunch icons that are meant to quickly launch apps that we use often. However, there is the problem of having to wait for the app to open every time you want to use it. Sure, it's only a second or two, but that's rather annoying if you are opening it up quite a bit.

    What I'd like to see implemented, whether in a WebOS update or through a patch in Preware, is a customizable swipe feature. Think about this for a moment. Right now, when you have no app on the screen or if it is "minimized", when you swipe up from the gesture area, it opens the launcher -- instantly. That's it. Just swipe up. And it's there. No waiting.

    Now I know that some people would object to this because of memory being used unnecessarily, but I want to see what the majority think of this idea. What if you could choose up to three applications to stay open all the time. Maybe Messenging, Email, and Phone. They probably don't consume that much memory. Even so, if you're using them constantly, or at least just often, it would be worth it. They would stay open all the time -- but they would remain off-screen. Then when you need it, you would make the same kind of gesture used for the app launcher, only from a different direction.

    So swipe up for the app launcher, down for the phone, left for messenger, and right for email. Or maybe swipe right for Preware. Or left for calendar. Whatever the user decides.

    So now I am asking the Pre community: Do you like this idea?
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    Just leave your 3 favorite apps open and ... "it's there. No waiting."
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    Quote Originally Posted by davis.rob View Post
    Just leave your 3 favorite apps open and ... "it's there. No waiting."
    Yes, but it covers your background (yes, I know about ClearCard). Besides that, if you start opening up a few other apps, then you have 5-6 or more cards on the screen to rotate through -- rather annoying. It would be awesome to simply swipe and have it open -- now.

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