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    One of the more annoying sites is Livejournal's mobile site at -- the site renders so wide that the fonts are completely unreadable, even in landscape mode.

    I tried this site on a friend's iPhone and it renders fine there; very readable and usable. Is there a configuration variable we can hack on to fix this? Having to zoom in and scroll from side to side is quite annoying and only seems to happen on the Pre!
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    Check out his thread:

    Or there's another trick where you view a "good" website in landscape, and it somehow sets a 'viewport' size (or something). See the last few threads here:

    This trick doesn't seem to work quite as well on your site as I've seen on others, but makes it almost viewable in landscape.

    I think most of these sites are older WAP sites. Maybe this one detects the iPhone browser, but hasn't been updated for webOS. You might try emailing the web master for that site. I suspect it's pretty easy to detect our browser and use the same formatting they do for iPhones.
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    Not to be too self-promoting, but if you're interested LJ for WebOS is available on the App Catalog and it will parse your friends list and display it in a much friendlier format.
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