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    When i look in the app store all i can see are apps that have already been released yet they show up as new apps.

    When the UK get paid apps will we see an improvement in the apps or will we see what others such as the US can buy?

    The Pre has been on sale for nearly 6 months in the UK and not one app has appeared that would be of any use in terms of travel, news or sport. Are we going to get a big shock and see the likes of a London Tube app, Sky news app, UK Newspaper apps, sport apps for the UK user or are we going to be faced with none of the above?
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    I hope so! but! i've got a hunch no!
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    I bet most developers submit their apps for Europe as well. More users = more sales. You will probably get most of the apps US Pres have now.

    Paid apps will also motivate UK/Europe developers to create apps for the GSM phones.
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