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    I get my ring tones from phonezoo.

    it seems that all the ring tones cause the speaker to crackle badly although it"s not loud any idea's?
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    Try the site i have had good luck finding ringtones there and the quality seems pretty good overall.
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    I'll look up some links I have at home when I'm back from work. One of the sites I found a couple of weeks ago pleased me a lot in regards to ring/SMS-tones.
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    Ace Games - Free Mobile Downloads That's where i get mine, There's a tone for that!
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    Forgot, left for China and have been without my data for a while, but here U go;

    Download free ringtones for your mobile phone | Zedge

    I have never found this much ring/SMS-tones that I like - in one place before.
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    Free Ringtones - Free MP3 Ringtones - Free Mobile Downloads - is where I get mine... when I am not just making my own. I tend to be picky and can't stand how most people just give you a straight clip with no fade in or fade out at all. Yuck. LOL

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