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    I am trying to figure out where MMS settings are stored in WebOS. Seems like GSM phones can view/edit these settings, but not us CDMA users. I am trying like heck to figure this out. I have been Googling for the better part of two days. All the way to China and back with no luck!
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    What kind of settings?
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    Well, in ##DATA#, the only thing I can change is the server... I used SQLite to change the Sprint entries in the CarrierNetworkSettings.db3 file but apparently, according to other people, outgoing MMS messages need to include X-Carrier-MDN (X-VZW-MDN [phone number]) in the header. Well, I know there has to be a file on the phone that contains all that info (server address, port, etc...)

    I am hoping someone here might know where such file might be located

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