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    To better the future of WebOS & Palm in general.
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    I'd focus on the strength's of webOS. MULTITASKING. SYNERGY. GAMING capability.

    An advert with three or four guys with rival hardware trying to keep up with a Palm owner doing all that they're doing on his trusty handset.

    Portray the phone as the answer to all your daily hassles.

    And above all else a catchy slogan that's sticks in the mind.
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    I heard this on a podcast. Either precentrals or GDGT...I cant remember.

    I would change the commercials. I would make spoofs of iphone and droid commercials. Make it look like an iphone commercial the whole way through, but only showing things the pre multitasking can accomplish and not the iphone. And spring it on the viewer at the end that its a palm phone.

    Like 3d gaming while a text comes in.

    Same with droid. Have the robot setup and then show the pre doing the things like the droid (only what the pre does 3d games, multitasking, universal search).

    I would run a 5 commercial campaign...3 iphone simulations and 2 droid simulations. If customer feedback is good, rinse and repeat.
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    Promote touchstone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ndz View Post
    Promote touchstone.
    +1. you never hear anything about the touchstone.
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    For North America, you gotta coax the carriers to advertise the product for you since they are the one selling it. Make competing spiffs for sales over other manufacters to make the sales rep actually want to sell it. Make some generic commericals for TV advertising webos strengths, none of that vague BS, but not alot since we are in the age of the DVR.

    This one is not so marketing related but performance related and that is BEAT THE COMPETITION ON RELEASE DATES!!!!!!! Palm failed with Verizon against Droid and look where that got them. Nexus One beat Palm on ATT with the unbranded GSM, not so total fail but will its gonna mitigate their numbers. For god sake THERE IS NO PRIZE FOR 2nd PLACE!!!! Delays are UBER FAIL in the NA market!! You are freaking stupid if you think peeps will drop 300 bucks for a new phone and 4months later buy another.

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