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    I think with the ability to open so many cards a little tile icon would be nice and then what if you could scroll like launcher pages? If palm doesn't do it other company will and say it's fresh.
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    You mean like scroll through them left to right when full screen? You know you can do that right? Set your advance gestures to on in screen & Lock and scroll left to right or right to left on your gesture area to your hearts content. As for the icon, I'm not sure what you mean.
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    I mean if I have six apps open I could see more of them if they were tiled like bookmarks and wold be able to select one faster instead of scrolling. Then if I went crazy and had 12 then I could scroll like launcher pages. There is a lot of empty real estate in minimized mode which could be made useful and save time.
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    seconded, an exposť like view would be nice when zoomed out
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    I can see why iphone users say it's faster to launch an app, because the way the cards are now it's just too much scrolling sometimes to find the one you want.
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    Six on the page would look pretty good and it would be more efficient
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    i'm surprised no body elese thought of this yet. It's avery good idea. I'd love to see it on my pre.
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    I was wondering about this when I got my pre but considering I'm a conservationist with it and always close everything anyway... I do think it would be a really slick look though if instead of making all the cards smaller it tiles them.
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    Wonder if they can make a patch for that. But it would be better if palm does it, continual improvement
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    Quote Originally Posted by electronic_chicken View Post
    i'm surprised no body elese thought of this yet. It's avery good idea. I'd love to see it on my pre.
    People have thought of it. There was an in-depth thread about it the end of last year. I can't remember the title or what to search on though.

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