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    Jokes aside, Palm (or a patch) could change the code so that when typing a contact's name in Universal Search the "SMS" button is removed from the landline entries and only displayed on the mobile entries.

    I think it's a reasonable request - Imagine meaning to text your best friend, but instead of Mobile you accidentally choose Home - then the text message will be read out loud for anyone who picks up the home phone to listen to.
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    It's not Palm. This is Sprint. Maybe webOS could enhance a feature to make it more .... Managable? Maybe.


    why? Sms is available to landlines. I send multiple text messages to many people on landlines.

    what would I do then? I'm just a little careful which # I send to.

    ... And lemme tell you, I got some real big fingers @ 6'1 and 240 lbs....

    your asking for palm to fix user error.

    I saw someone posted about a patch that might solve his/your problem... But for me, it's a wonderful feature from our carriers that our OS implements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adnilaras View Post
    I recently discovered an unfortunate and unpublicized (to my knowledge) new "feature" of WebOS 1.4 which I see as more like a bug - if you mistakenly try to send a text message to a land line, rather than warning you or sending you an error message back, you're likely to get a text message back a few minutes later saying

    "Your message was successfully delivered to an answering machine or voicemail at (#) Thanks for using Text to Landline!"

    So... imagine my abject HORROR when this happened when I tried to send a text to my friend re: a visit from her new boyfriend, and instead it went to the number that was until very recently her landline - that is, it went to the home of her psychotic, abusive, stalker ex-boyfriend, the home she moved out of to avoid getting the **** kicked out of her again. In fact, it sent 3 messages in a row about her plans with a new guy to her crazy abusive ex, who was likely to come after her because of it. When I realized what had happened and tried to cover by sending a followup saying the messages were meant for someone else, of course THOSE didn't successfully go through with Text to Landline.

    Thankfully there were no repercussions... THIS TIME... (I'm guessing the messages didn't make sense when he got them) but I can see lots of potential for embarrassment and problems if, for example, a private message intended for an individual gets mistakenly delivered to their family voicemail or a shared work voicemail.

    Regardless, I don't want my phone to send a text message to a land line unless I go out of my way to make that happen - it certainly shouldn't do it by DEFAULT, since it's far more likely to be an error than intentional.

    I called Sprint to ask if there was a way to turn off this feature, and they checked and said that currently there is no way to turn off the feature without disabling text messaging entirely, but said they would pass on my feedback to the WebOS developers, including my specific example of how this "feature" could be not only inconvenient, but dangerous.

    So here's hoping that in the next OS update, this feature will be something you can turn on and off.

    Or, maybe one of you brilliant homebrew patch developers could write a patch to disable the feature?
    That is not a new feature of release 1.4. It isn't even unique to the Pre. I was sending text to landline messages through Sprint a couple of years ago on my Treo 755. I always thought it was a cool feature and so did the recipients. I have used to to send messages to a friends place up in the mountains where he didn't have cell coverage. It's unfortunate the way it worked out with your situation but many times it can be helpful. The 1.4 release though had nothing to do with it.
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