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    Quote Originally Posted by zelet View Post
    I really appreciate the work that all the devs do but I wish they would stop with the restrictive betas. We are all adults here - explain the risks frankly and let the users decide if those risks are worth it. You'll get more eyes out for bugs and the forums can handle the added support load.
    FIANNALLY another open mind like myself.

    This is what Ive been expressing since day one (mind you I am/was an Alpha tester as well).

    I feel that everyone should benefit from this, and user beware is enough risk. As zelet states, "we are all adults here"

    This is caj's service.. so its his game and his rules.

    I just wish it was open testing and more transparent.

    Note: Already went back and forth with caj on this via PM, I will just agree to disagre
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    There are no restrictions people...We are posting all,data and even the source soon by Marco. OS1.4 software aint ready thats it. OS1.3.5.1 most advanced version has been fully deployed. Any more disagreement and it is considered trolling. I am in constant contact with my partner, WebOSInternals, Dieter Bohn and others and all are in agreement. Stop trolling!

    When OS1.4 is ready, everyonbe will get it at the same time via custom Preware feed (aupt4).

    Good Night
    I'm just wondering if you have any sort of time frame for when the webOS 1.4 version will be ready. I'll take "it's ready when it's ready" but hopefully a more narrow time frame can be put out there. Thanks.
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    Ok. Thanks. I'm looking forward to it and really appreciate all of the work you devs put into the platform. I myself am not capable of any of the things you guys do, and I wouldn't be near as happy with my phone without the work you guys do. So on behalf of myself and many others,

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    Thanks for the info
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    jus wondering are you guys making a video ? It might help some of the others?

    a how to video sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    The new video will present new features of the optimized kernel which runs all apps at 800 MHz even games which were limited to 600 MHz. Advanced features
    of OS1.4 with the adavantages of
    added speed will also be

    a how to install video
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    first and foremost, thank you for all of your and shadows work on this project. I have a question. For those of us that have installed the 600Mhz patch on 1.4, will we need to uninstall it before applying the 800 Mhz patch via preware? Or will the new kernel just overwrite all of the existing old data?
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    You must uninstall previous patches or reverse modifications that affect the processor clock speed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SqyArc View Post
    You must uninstall previous patches or reverse modifications that affect the processor clock speed.
    k....thats what i needed to know. THANKS!
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    keep up the good work. Can't wait to try it on 1.4
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    Oklahoma Sooner theme

    If you would like to because you like my work or you just want to buy me a drink I would really appreciate it.
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    Damn I'd love to have that as well
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    I have been watching and anxiously awaiting the 1.4 release. This is awsome of you guys to do this for all of us.
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    this is getting exciting as it nears the time of release. This is so going on my phone!

    thanks for all the work you are doing
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    Send me a PM or email Shadow 360
    thanks for the hard work...anxiously awaiting release.
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    So what exactly are the implications to using a 800mhz patch. And how is this different from using cpu scaling/reflex ?
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    Klownicle: You can read the alpha testing data at the link posted below (head to the later pages) to get an idea of the impact on battery life, temperature, app loading speeds, OS loading speeds, etc.

    This is different from CPU Scaling/Smart Reflex technology because it doesn't actively switch the clock speed up or down. The newer 720mhz and 800mhz patches keep the processor speed steady at that speed. This eliminates the crashing problems and phone-won't-wake-up problems people had in the old Scaling/Reflex patches and has been shown not to have a major impact on battery life or phone temperature except under specific conditions (such as updating the firmware while the patch is installed).

    You'll find the report data scattered around that thread, but take a look and see for yourself.

    Thread Link:
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    Caj, I'm going back to 1.4 when the 800mhz patch is in Preware. What were the uninstall procedures on removing the patch from before I update? Couldn't remember if the emergency patch remover worked.
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    Holy Speeds Batman... I loved to see that kind of speed run on our beloved Pres...
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    Bumping because I'm anxiously waiting
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