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    I'm having a problem with repeating events around the switch to DST, and I'll be very surprised if I'm the only one, but I couldn't find my particular problem described in any thread. I'd appreciate it if anyone knows the fix.

    The issue is that repeating events that span the switch to DST are appearing at the wrong time on my pre, whereas they are fine on Google. Interestingly it seems to just be a problem for three weeks, so it could be that the webOS calendar has wrong timezone data in it. You can see it clearly in the following screenshots:

    At the risk of telling the world what I'm doing tomorrow, the attachments show my calendar from the pre and google for tomorrow, March 15 and Apr. 5. Note the three items tomorrow morning: on the pre it says I have 8894 at 10:00, "Iron ring briefing" at 10:30, and Xiaobin Wang at 11:00. 8894 and Xiaobin Wang are repeating events, which on Google show correctly at 9:00 and 10:00. "Iron ring briefing" is a one time event that is correctly at 10:30. On Apr. 5 things are back to right. Is it that the calendar thinks DST changes in Apr. here?

    Other weirdness, if I try to change the time for the events tomorrow and select "change series" the events don't move.

    Any help appreciated.
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    The problem is that somebody did not update some calendar code somewhere to account for the new DST dates that became law in 2007. Hence, the Pre has calendar problems with appointments being one hour off until the old DST change on the first Sunday of April passes, and comes back at the end of October for a week between the old and new end dates for DST.

    I say that "somebody" did not update because I don't know what calendar or time service actually has the problem. At one point I thought it was Google, because my Pre's kernel had the proper date and DST settings when I tested it. Maybe the missing DST update is in the Pre's CMOS clock chip, or perhaps in the calendar app itself?

    Another thing that you will find is that recurring all-day events will skip a day during the transition, which is apparently due to Google sending them to the phone as 24-hour duration events starting at 12:00:00 AM. When that 12:00 turns into 1:00 AM or 11:00 PM (I don't remember which), the Pre's calendar sees it as a previous day's event and doesn't show it.

    Feel free to report the problem to Palm.....

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