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    local resolver is, indeed used. Since, as seen below, no domain or search is specified, so you need to use fqdn when referring to local systems, is all.

    I may still add if-up/if-down methods to make it use the local resolver first, though, as it may still be using the wifi resolver as secondary?


    I want my pre to resolve local hostnames when on my home network. I would have assumed that when Wifi is up, that the phone would use the assigned DNS server. NOPE. (that would explain the initial lag when resolving host names while browsing!).

    The weird thing is that when the interface comes up, there is a /tmp/resolv.conf created, which has the proper entry (learned this from webos internals site):
    # Autogenerated by PmNetConfigManager. DO NOT MODIFY!!
    # Interface eth0
    # Priority 2
    /etc/resolv.conf always points to localhost (phone runs its own cacheing nameserver?):

    Is this the normal behavior, that the phone will ALWAYS use its local resolver, which apparently doesn't properly forward first to the network in use? Or do I have a problem with the phone?

    I'd like to know before I write an if-up/if-down script combination to address the problem.

    Any insight is appreciated!
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