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    You can also try JSTop. With that apps you can see what apps are running in the background, and disable the ones you don't need. I pretty much disable the camera after any reset, because I rarely use it. And with other apps, just by knowing they are updating in the background; lets you see how many things there are sucking up resources.

    So that tool might help you speed up your phone.

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    Another thing. Since the phone does multi-task you can leave the application open when you are out and about. I often do that.

    I know this doesn't solve the problem but it is a suggestion. Also, if you don't want to Doc, have you run the WebOS repair utility to make sure your phone is not messed up?

    Link :
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    Even at 800Mhz the thing is slow to load, and as many say, it has been this way since 1.4. Damn Google and their phones, they're trying to lock us out.... Is a conspiracy!!
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    the wait of suspense is too long agh!!
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    I have auto locate services turned off and am only using the EV network with no Wifi (Sprint Pixi) - also running 1.4.

    It takes me 26 Seconds for GoogleMaps to open completely. On it took about 10-15 seconds to open.

    Yeah, I agree; I hope it is fixed in the upgrade.

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    ive been waiting 2-5 minutes for mine to open - its ridiculous
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    GoogleMaps always been too slow! I was trying to pull up directions with GM on my Pre and while waiting for it to load up, my cousin pulled out his Iphone, unlocked it, opened GM typed in the information and got the directions. All this time my Pre was still loading GM. SMH
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    I like the Spint Nav app, works great, no need to use google maps because they don't have turn by turn directions.
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    Mine loads in 10sec on WiFi and 14 sec on 3g (3bars).
    Try installing and running the Advanced Options in Launcher patch. Once installed it may allow Apps like Google Maps to load faster. You should also have JsTop running on automatic.
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    it's terreble. I stopped using it. Hate when I tap on it by accident
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    sorry but i find everything a bit slow but we are only taking seconds so why worry
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    Mine loads in about 7 seconds on EVDO and 800 MHz. I actually doctored my phone today for no major reason (imho, everyone should do it every now and then) and reinstalled the 800 MHz patch and my regular patches/apps and my Pre is flyingggg now.
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