Okay so after trying talk with Sprint Customer Service over the phone I was insured that I had the best plan. I am not exactly convenience as the lady was hard to hold a conversation with. It seemed that she was reading something, had a hard to understand pronunciation of words etc I eventually told her forget it and that I seem to be beyond help and hung up lol I am under the impression that as a premium sprint customer I can somehow check my plan on line against others to see if I am getting the best deal.

So here is my question to you and it goes out to mainly Sprint and Verizon customers:
What plan are you on? How many lines? What is the cost?

Of course I am only interested in a data plan as these phones are close to useless with out them.

I have the Everything Data Plan 1500, with two lines, and I pay ~$135 monthly with the plan being $129.99 with 22% discount from work, and $7 equipment protection.