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    I bought this phone in December. I upgraded to 1.4 last week. Things have been running fine but today my battery won't charge.

    I've restarted it twice but still no charging. The lightening bolt shows when I plug it in but I don't get the familiar vibrate...

    Any ideas? This is such a "young" battery. Shouldn't it last longer than 4 months?

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    Are you connecting it to your PC??? you might try rebooting your PC... when mine does that I just restart Pam Novacom (start --- run --- services.msc --- look for Palm Novacom and click restart)
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    Yes, I am connecting to a PC. That all makes sense. I'm not seeing the Nova "bubble" pop up when I plug it in lately(this afternoon).

    When I plug it in I get the "New Hardware Found" wizard. I have been just cancelling out of that. I'll try to install later as I don't have an internet connection right now.

    I did start up services, went through the list but didn't see the Palm Novacom service listed. Is it under a different name or is that something that will get if I go through the new hardware setup wizard?

    It seems to be charging a little when I have it powered down.
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    noup, the full name is "Palm Novacom"
    If you have charged your phone in that same computer, try using the same port where you installed the drivers... otherwise, each port needs to install the drivers
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    The charging shouldn't have anything to do with PC drivers and Novacom... it just needs the power pins in the USB connector. Some PCs have powered USB ports when the PC is off, so the Pre charges without the PC being active at all.

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