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    Recently I upgraded to WebOS 1.4. I added many of the different patches which also included Hang up when slider closes, power button to end, etc. One night I plugged in a Sony headphone to listen to some music from Pandora. Now, I have lost all sounds going to speaker mode when in different music and sound apps. Phone app shows that there is a connection plugged in, but I have to switch to speaker mode to talk on the phone now - can't talk regularly on the phone. I did a WebOS Doctoring, Emergency Patch Removal, and even a Hard System Reboot...still nothing works. Anybody have any suggestions to fix this??? Thanks...
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    Do a quick search for this....lots of threads. Your phone still thinks the headphones are plugged in.

    Try blowing in there hard (air in a can) or plug in headphones quickly a few times. If it doesn't clear up, head on over to the Sprint repair center for a replacement/fix.
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    Hi RyleyInstl,

    Thanks for the tip. I'll try your suggestions. Can of air didn't work, neither did the 3.5mm plug ins. Guess I have to go to Sprint....
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    Your problem has nothing to do with patches or the 1.4 update. This is a Pre condition that has been going on since launch day.

    My fix for this is to Open a radio or music player app, run it with the headphone plugged in, then pull the plug out while the music app is still playing, if the music pauses or stops, then the switch has been triggered properly and the phone will be out of headset mode. If the music continues to play, put the plug back in and repeat.

    You can check out the main thread here:

    Next time before doing anything drastic like doctoring or running EPR, you should search the threads on this forum.
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