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    Is anyone else having issues with webOS 1.4.0? After updating my Pre is sluggish. Moving around between Launcher panels is slower and I frequently have lags launching programs.

    I also have an interesting audio issue. If the phone is on the Touchstone charger and someone calls, I get this really "old phone" sounding ring but it's really low. I cannot find that sound anywhere on my Pre, and it's as if the phone is having a problem trying to play a sound. It also happens if I have the phone on vibrate, but have the headphones on to listen to music. Weird.
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    I would say mine was very sluggish after the upgrade. I ran EPR, removed preware, ran the doctor, updated back to 1.4 and placed everything back on. Yes, it was a hassle, but it seems to have worked. Although, I am still not really impressed with the "speed" of 1.4 and don't feel that it is as fast as others say it is.
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    the "sluggishness" is typical and the ringing is the default ringtone which will play from the touchstone because you wouldn't feel it vibrate on the TS
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    Mine has combined sluggishness with VERY poor memory performance. I used to be able to have several cards open just fine. Now I'm constantly getting too many cards message. I downloaded the jstops tool from preware, and it's constantly saying there are running processes, (e.g. camera, phone) even though I didn't open them. It also says it's using 20MB or so. You'd think I should be able to open more cards since the thing has 256MB.
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    doctor it.. mine flys now
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    Mine is also very slow. Needless to say, I'm a bit disappointed and personally not real interested in doctoring and reloading all my apps and patches for a 6th time in about 7months of owning 3 of these phones. The really frustrating part is that I've installed/updated several apps only to have them delete back off, because of lag in install. The phone thinks I've hit the delete buttun, even though it shows install. Takes forever to use the phone now, but hey....I have a video camera.......
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    I think it's misguided to complain about your phone being laggy or having memory issues if you are going to apply patches to your device.

    Palm is not going to ensure the base code works with every patch that's out there or could be out there.

    You install patches AT YOUR OWN RISK! This is an excerpt from the "Disclaimer" section on the front page of
    Enacting any set of instructions from this site has the (remote, but greater than zero) potential to void your warranty.
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    Yes I have been having this problem. My phone overall is sluggish. I also hate the new way Cards open. They stay in the Background until they load, but they Push their way into the Front as they open. And since the Stupid, Pathetic Auto-Refresh that causes the Web Pages that have already loaded before; to Refresh again; Web Page Cards will push their way open, as I am moving through a few open cards at once. Add this to the fact that my phone Resets (Constantly), makes the update worthless to me.

    ((And As I Was Writing This; That Stupid Auto-Refresh Reset The Page And I Lost My Written Content. I Wish That Feature Was Alive; So I Could Smash It's Head Into A Fire Hydrant! Not Really, But The Feature Would Get A Stern Talking-To . I Really Do Hate That Feature Though! ))

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    agreed and when you typing in a text box the screen doesn't move along with it.

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