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    When to the Sprint store to get my replacement Pre.
    I don't normally go in without badgering them on something. I took a break from asking about whether I'd have to travel to a 4g area to get a 4g phone if one was released, Supersonic reference, to say how much I loved WebOS and wished another Phone was with it was coming soon. No bite on that but the guy started right off on how "unstable" WebOS, how most of the Pres he's replaced have been due to software problems was and how there's and new version coming this month that was going to fix all the bugs WebOS has.

    me:"Really, They just came out with 1.4 so Palm is releasing what? 1.4.1? or 1.5 already?"
    Sprint guy:"It could be 1.5 but we was told by the techs that is more like 2.0".

    Now that's interesting and yet unbelievable. But CTIA is this month after all. hmmm...

    Just throwing my conversation out there.

    Now back to my replacement Pre.
    It has a warranty date of Aug. An activation date of 12 and a refurb date of Jan and here I am with it in March.
    An indication that Pres could be moving slowly? :cry
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    its most likely 1.4.1 to fix the issues with the update but you never know with palm !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    or maybe it could be just cuz people keep saying how crappy 1.4 is compared to it
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    I will believe it when I see it but thanks for posting nonetheless.
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    Stranger things have happened. Thanks for the update..
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    Yeah, Most of those guys don't know anything and the ones that do kinda keep silent but this guy was just going on about how it was all new.

    I seriously doubt any of it. Maybe 1.4.1, But I will have my fingers crossed for about 3 days starting on the 25th.

    maybe we should start an "Orange Ribbon" campaign (;

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    I think it'll be like 1.4.1 or something to fix bugs.

    I think the guy was at a misunderstanding when he said "fix all bugs"...

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