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    so as u can tell i am NOT a developer but wat i understand frm the video on the home page of p/c is now that iphone developers can bring ther apps/games over to webos we are going to end up with hundreds of useless apps just like apples app catalog

    do we (the palm users) want all of these fart apps and pointless things cloging up and geting in the way of the good stuff in palms app catalog
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    Geez ... poor Palm, they can't win. People complain that there's not enough apps, and now people complain that there's gonna be too many

    But seriously, I don't think the PDK is mostly about porting iPhone apps ... it's mostly about giving developers a tool to do more complex/interesting things. So IMHO it's a big "win" for all the WebOS users. The fact that they did it in a way so that developers can port existing code (aka iPhone apps) just makes sense ... to be able to do that and not do it would be really dumb.

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