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    When I am emailing, sometimes when I reply it would totally SLOW down to the point that it freezes sometimes.. I'd have to take my battery out and restart it. Only had this issue since webOS 1.4

    I love the update, im just concerned about the email aspect because I do alot of emailing as I do business with people around the world.

    Also, my battery life seemed to be shorter as opposed to it being "better" as palm stated.

    And when I record long videos, the audio and video is totally unmatched... please let me know what I can do.

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    Not, me. But my wife did mentioned earlier today that her email freeze today at work. She uses the pixi.
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    Yes, I've been having the same problem with email. It's gotten so bad that I just don't respond to emails on my pre anymore. It completely slows down my phone.
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    Sometimes, but usually not to the point of freezes.

    I'm on a Pixi and sometimes I'll open an email and everything will lag alot (and usually I'll just see white where the email is supposed to be). Usually I just close the email and I'm fine though.
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    I have had the same same issue when reply to an email. It only happened to the one or two emails where anything i typed in the emails would either freeze a lag tremendously. I really don't how what cause it since i had nothing else open & no email patches.
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    ya, mine would have a super huge lag.. and take like 5 minutes to get rid of the card.. and then it would be fine afterwards. and sometimes when replying the subject line never shows up. it's weird.
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    hm. i'm getting the same issue to. my it essentially freezes the whole phone and the only way to recover is to remove the battery. this is very strange. those who are running into this issue can you list what your email setup is like? here's mine:

    5 email accounts (2 gmail, 2 yahoo, 1 own domain)
    retrieve emails as it arrive
    i get a lot of emails, but i do clean up my trash so i don't think it has to do with the number of emails.

    this issue just started this morning. i've removed the battery 4 times now and everytime as soon as i launch email and try to reply to a msg it freezes.
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    I am having the same problem. I noticed that it is only with the gmail account, though. I have 2 yahoo accounts that download to the phone with no problem, no freezes at all. When I add in the gmail account, I have to yank the battery like everyone else. As soon as I delete gmail, the problem goes away. My settings are similar for all accounts, i.e. get mail as it arrives, etc. Anyone else duplicate this?
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    msn and gmail happens to me when it's an email that's been replied to maybe 4 or 5 times. I'm thinking it has too much text and this is causing the slow down. After 2 or 3 replies I just start a new email. Hope this helps.
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    this issue seems to only be happening on a particular gmail thread, so it could be one or a few or all of the following:

    1. long email thread. mine started around 20 emails in the thread. can people post the number of emails in the thread that this is happening on?

    2. email threads that splits
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    I figured I'd bring this thread back from the dead. I've been having the same issue since upgrading to 1.4 back in March. I have a gmail account set to download as items arrive. I also have a work email account that I typically sync manually.

    My freeze happens with long threads (8-10 responses). didn't fix the issue. Doctoring didn't do any good either. I continued having the issue on an unpatched device.

    I was wondering if anyone had found a fix to this issue.
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    exact same thing happens on my pre plus. i figured it might be because i installed a custom kernel so I doctored and reset, but still get the same issue.
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    i have same problem, very annoying! happens on my Gmail and Yahoo emails when replying to a email that has been replied 4+ times. I was guessing the emails or the message title gets too long, I hope there is a fix sometime soon, since i use emails more than 50+ times a day, and have to create a new email alot of the time to avoid the lag and sometimes freezing.
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    I saw this for the first time yesterday and now it is happening every time. I have EAS, Yahoo, and a regular IMAP account. The freeze only seems to happen in my regular IMAP account, though I have not tried replying in my Yahoo account since it started happening.

    I'm running an overclocked, 800MHz kernel, but I tried to reduce it down to 500MHz and it still hung. I may try to doctor the phone tonight but I'm not feeling too confident given the other posts in this thread.
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    it's usually happened when there's a long thread in the email.
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    yeah with what gollyzila said...
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    I'm having the same issue as others. When I open an email I will often just get a white screen or something that says it is trying to email.

    A couple of things though...when I swipe it closed, and then open it again, it often opens quickly.

    Also, if I put my phone in Airplane mode, then all of my email appears to open normally.
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    wowo atleast now i know that im not the only one lol for one moment i though that it was one of those patches that i got on ma pre+ but everything looks that since this new update popups this issue is been a pain in the ****.
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    The slowness is actually related to checking/syncing email, not composing, opening, etc...

    To prove my point, try the following:
    1) Open the email app and select an inbox (if you have multiple accounts).
    2) You can now either press the "Refresh" button, or wait a few secs and "refresh/sync" will begin AUTOMATICALLY.
    3) Now, switch to SMS app, and keep rubbing your finger up and down to scroll in the app. In a few secs, the UI will lock up for 5-20 secs, but keep rubbing the UI to not when it un-freezes.

    I think people mistake the slowness caused by syncing to rendering because syncs get kicked off automatically when entering email.

    So... who wants to call Palm tech support about this?

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