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    i juss got a new pre and ativated it but now it says "data not restored" "we were unable to restore ur data" i clicked try again over and over but yet the same thing..can somebody help?
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    Hmm, thats strange. the same thing is happening to me. Ive had multiple Pres before and I haven't had this happen. Any help would be nice.
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    I got a new Pre today and got everything restored except for my pictures. Is that to be expected?
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    I think the pictures are stored on the local memory of the Pre, so that is to be expected. Mine had never been restored when I swapped to different phones.
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    Thanks, iamthenoah.
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    I was able to find a solution to my problem by upgrading my software to 1.4. My replacement Palm Pre+ was running so I guess I kept getting a "data not restored" message because I had previously backed up my data using a 1.4 device, meaning the 1.4 backup data isn't compatible with a device (as far as I know). My solution was to select "create a new Palm Profile" and I made one using a new email, I then ran the update application to get version 1.4 and installed it. After 1.4 was installed and went into Device Info and clicked reset options> full erase to restore the phone to factory settings. After it finished the full erase and restarted I was asked to enter my Palm Profile again, so I entered the older palm profile (the one backed up on 1.4 software) and it was able to restore my data! I hope this works for you MYFROG.
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    Creating the new profile to get to the updates worked for me as well! Thanks!! There isn't any consequences to creating a second profile is there? I would assume it'd be the same as just setting up a new email address on gmail or hotmail, but I have no idea if the palm profile has an additional link to your actual phone number or anything that might mess it up?
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    I haven't had any problems since setting up a second palm profile. If you go to:
    You can log into your palm profiles and view their statuses. My second profile no longer has my Pre associated with it so I doubt there can be any consequences.

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