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    Just took a quick look through the PDK docs (and the associated SDL specs) and I couldn't see any obvious way to get access to the mic. SDL looks like it includes audio devices, but mostly for mixing/playback. Anyone else know if this is true ... or could point me to the appropriate API if there is one?
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    This is getting kind of ridiculous, IMO.
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    can any one confirm this....? Really still no mic api...........?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayrot View Post
    This is getting kind of ridiculous, IMO.
    Yeah, being a software developer myself I know these things take time, and I'm usually pretty patient. But it really seems odd to me that we have no access to the mic on a *phone* ... one of the primary ways we interact with the device!

    Some of the most popular apps for phones ... things like Shazam and the Google voice search, many others ... all rely on being able to capture sound. I just don't get it?
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    BTW, I hope this doesn't turn into a "flame Palm" thread ... that really wasn't my purpose. Just wondering if someone more familiar with the PDK could confirm/deny a mic API.
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    No Mike API in the current PDK, but mechanisms are in the works. See the thread on this on the developer forums at
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    Although Palm makes great progress, with hiates like these (no mic), Palm still is getting more and more behind of the competition.

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