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    I understand the problem, only it doesn't occur on my Pre.
    I often orange-tap links to read later and something like 'open in background', like firefox does would be nice - but since 1.4 the new card is always created right next to the browsercard I'm currently in and once the card comes up a swipe to the right brings me back to the article I'm reading - and I'm not forced back to the other card until I decide to go there.
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    I've got a bigger question, based on the original post:

    The Pre is soon to be your wife?

    Is that even legal in your state?
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    But on a serious note, since WebOS 1.1, my Pre has never behaved as you describe. Perhaps doctoring it and starting over would be a possibility.
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    what the guy/gal above me said^^

    Sometimes it's just not the Pre or webOS, but something else. If it really gets on your nerves a lot, then the doctor should be able to help
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