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    I want to know what would take up less battery, having Gmail push notifications on or checking it every 15/10/5 minutes? I kinda worry too much about battery life so I wanna know which one would use the least amount of battery.
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    It depends on how much email traffic you get. I get only a few emails a day and using push I think I actually save battery.
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    It depends on the volume of emails you get, and how frequently you need them.
    If you get 1,000 emails every 5 minutes, but you don't need them the second they arive, checking every 5 minutes would save you juice.

    If you get sparse emails, and don't really need to know the instant they come in, setting your check interval to higher then 15 minutes will save battery. Obviously the higher the interval the more battery life you will save but the longer you will wait for emails.
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    I really think that checking every few minutes is the best, this would be because for push email the phone has to have a TCP connection open to the server, and if it roams or for some reason loses the connection, it has to open it again. And it should send keepalives for the connection to be open all the time. I really don't know how much time passess before the keepalives are sent, but if the email checks are spaced longer than the keepalives, it should waste less battery.

    I'm an email freak, so I don't care if my battery goes down, so I have email (google and exchange) to get on arrival, and messaging with Greg Roll's plugins (MSN, Gtalk and Facebook).

    Of course, when I hit the road and the phone needs to constantly change between 2G, 3G and no coverage areas, I better turn off Messaging.

    Try it, try putting your email to download every 15 minutes and you'll see a MASSIVE increase in your battery life (of course, turn of messaging)
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    Alright thanks everyone. I am probably going to try push for a few days, and if it is a drian, I will change it to every 15 minutes or so.
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    Yeah, honestly I have it check every 15 minutes now (after having push for the longest time) and I think it helps battery life tremendously. That, and 1.4 in general :-)
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    Whoops, every 30 minutes.

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