I'm in a more rare situation here on these forums in that I run my own mail server, and thus have more tools at my disposal to monitor what clients try to do. If anybody would like a tutorial on sendmail/imap, including generating valid SSL certificates and loading them onto your phone, I'm happy to help, just send me a private message.

For IMAP Idle to work properly, the client needs to keep the connection open in order for it to get notifications.

I noticed in the past that even when on Wifi and active, for whatever reason the mail client would (randomly?) disconnect and reconnect to the IMAP service. I would also get on the order of 200-500 FAM calls in a single day.

Since version 1.4, however, the connection is staying alive, and I'm getting just 1-5 FAM calls per day. At work, I have a really poor data connection, bouncing between roaming with 1x and roaming without. Mail alerts, however, continue to come in right away.

I'm definitely missing my old blackberry's BIS push a lot less with this release of WebOS.

Props to the WebOS developers for refining the behavior of one of the most important features of the phone. If they add the ability to monitor ALL IMAP folders, and not just Inbox, I'll be really happy.