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    I gotta give respect to tbutler for coming in here and defending/further explaining his review.

    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    I think it's been shown that the active apps don't stay open in android after a period of inactivity. It's why many have deemed task killers to be a waste. If an app is left open and doesn't close, it's a glitch that needs to be rectified, It's not the norm, like the built in msging app on the Hero staying active and draining the battery. That glitch was fixed.

    And switching apps in Android is as easy as holding the home button and selecting the open app you want, ala PalmOS. Pretty easy dude. If you're swiping and the app you want isn't next, how is it easier than Android? Answer, it's not. It's no more than two presses in Android where it can be multiple swipes and a press depending upon advanced gestures being on.

    God forbid anybody say anything negative about webOS. Yes it is a Palm site, but everyone is so quick to jump on f@anboys of other OS's, they should take a look in the mirror first. Heck, Pre people even jump all over the Pixi and Pixi owners. Guy is nice enough to come on and defend his article and some people are just rude.

    Personally, if Android had a good treo style phone I'd be on it instead of a Pixi. It's a shame the one coming to T-mobile looks like a fail. Android widgets can provide so much useful info it's not even funny. In webOS we have that plain jane do nothing background. Can't even get a decent today screen.

    Neither Android or webOS has a good slider. Where someone claimed Android was clunky and over engineered, the same can be said for the Pre. What looked gorgeous and elegant before it came out turned out to be cheap, over engineered and underwhelming in build quality. Far from the dream device we were all hoping for. And 1.4 seemed to cause more problems than it fixed. Hopefully June brings about a great 2nd gen phone and a nice stable upgrade in 1.5. Heck, I can't even easily cursor up through this text box without button combos and highlighting text. So much easier with cursor buttons or a trackpad.
    Correct me if I'm wrong (and I probably am) but I thought I'd read that the hold-home thing in android brought up just a list of all your recently-used apps, not necessarily apps that are actually running. If so, that's not multitasking at all. Is this the case or am I way off with that? (I'm not an android user, after all.)
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    I agree, I leave PhotoDialer up all the time and have never had battery life issues.
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