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    Ever since PALM introduced the Pre, I have been bemoaning the fact that PALM had abandoned its fan base by not providing Pre with a decent PIM. I felt that at its root PALM had lost its way and instead of giving us an evolutionary PALM product, that it had instead rushed out to be an iPhone killer. Even while we have all been patiently been waiting for update after update to come, we have come away feeling that we were somehow being cheated.

    Today I had a conversation with a developer who shared an insight with me that really focused in my mind whats wrong with Pre and in a bigger sense whats wrong with PALM. We were talking about why an app request would never happen .......

    "The WebOS was the wrong move at the wrong time and Palm is not that likely
    to survive these mistakes. Sad, but true. Yes, it's slick, but so was Sony's
    Beta format and it lost out to the technologically inferior VHS. And it's
    not clear that the WebOS is even technically superior to java environments
    like Android or mature environments like the Mac OS. If they had been smart,
    they would have come out with a Linux-based device with a solid JVM - they
    could have done that 3-4 years ago and that would have been quite a device
    as it would have run many Java apps out of the box and opened up the vast
    library of Java applications (not to mention an environment that is familiar
    to most programmers).

    They missed a great opportunity to dominate the market by getting FDH (Fat,
    Dumb & Happy) as so many companies do (Microsoft has always run scared of
    losing the market in spite of their early dominating position, and that's
    why they continue to dominate the market IMHO)."

    I am a PALM fan but I feel there is truth in this observation. I wonder whether or not PALM will make it through this time period, and I truly hope they realize this when they finally put out their next product.
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    its epiphany
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    its epiphany
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