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    Hello forum,

    there must be a lot of people trying their new video recording feature, so I though to ask you what kind of rating you're giving it.

    I think for phone camera, the quality and frame rate is amazing. Few things that bug me though, videos are time lmited (about 2 minutes) and way too heavy, on average 170 mb per shot.

    I think we'll see alternative video apps from homebrew community allowing wider range of options.

    what you think?
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    "Videos time limted"? I've just done about three 30 min videos. Took me down about 1Gig though. Next Pre needs more memory or use of a memory card.
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    slow, can't really multitask while video is recording, unless you want pixelated videos. And oh yea, videos disappear at random. I am really upset with the 1.4 update, brought a lot of glitches, which imo is unacceptable. Updates should make the OS better, not less reliable.
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    why would you need to multitask while videoing?
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    Yes we should expect more from each update, especially realiabilty.
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    I knew this would happen. People ***** about getting 1.4 out too slowly, then they ***** that it is too buggy.
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    I do agree and the new camera app does have bugs with the video. but it will be fixed in time. I like it and don't have a problem with it. as for a rating ill give it a 7/10
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    I am amazed at the quality of both the video and sound. Is the time limit really 2 minutes?
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    Quality is good and the audio is fantastic considering it's a phone.

    I do find that the editing doesn't always work quite right and I can't seem to send 30 second videos via MMS to folks not on Sprint.
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    To add, I'm pretty satisfied with the update. Palm needs to code the app so the video camera launches faster than it does now.

    Also, I did a 2 minute video last week that I uploaded to youtube (through my computer because it took too long to do it directly even over wifi) and I noticed that as the video went on, especially in the last 30 seconds, that the sound was misaligned with the video. Anybody else have that problem?
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    I would love to see a seperate icon for the video app. Its a minor thing, but having to launch the camera, wait for it to load and then switch over to video is a little annoying. You never now when you'll need to start recording quickly. Like a hike in the woods when bigfoot suddenly appears and you missed the chance to film him because webOS was too slow getting to the video app.

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