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    With the death of Palm now very possible, what might become of WebOS if Palm ceases operations?
    The thing that makes the Pre/Pixie so great right now is not the hardware really, but the innovative WebOS software.

    Do you see the OS being bought by another company, and if so, who?

    I for one don't see any current mobile company buying WebOS, as most every manufacturer (except Apple and Nokia) is betting on Android.

    What will become of the great WebOS?
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    no, i think a some one will buy it up. isnt motorola eyeing up palm and even put a bid in once?
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    If Palm dies it's because they ignore us in the rest of the world. I know legal issues "seem" to be an impediment, but find a way. I'd gladly buy one with no warranty. I'll bet alot of others would too. Once you are in the thrall of carriers you may get big sales hits, but exclusives etc. have seemingly been shown to actually be drags on sales. By the time we in ROW get the Pre the "next" device will be out. C'mon Palm!

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