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    Dear Precentral,

    I have been with this website for a long time now. I read a lot of forums but i dont post much. I have a palm pre and want to start delveloping for it. I HAVE NO EXPERENCE WHAT SO EVER DELVELOPING can u please give me some books or internet sites soo i can learn.


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    I'm a noob as well. I have some HTML and other scripting language dev experience, but nothing like webOS development.

    I recommend first understanding the structure of apps and taking the "Hello World" tutorial on The forums there also have good sources for tutorials and learning sites.

    I also recommend the O'Reilly books webOS and Javascript: The good parts. You should know javascript. I started w/ the tutorials on javascript and CSS. Also took a refresher there on HTML. There's more to know about webOS development than these tutorials will tell you, but it's a great place to start. Take that and evolve into deeper books like Javascript: A definitive guide.

    Also don't forget, there's lots of noobs in the "web OS Development" forum here at asking questions and getting help from experienced developers. The people there are second to none.

    There are also a number of tutorial sites out there like Most of the sites i have i got from these forums.

    Hope this helps.
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