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    I love playing with my palm camera, don't stop using. That is until the latest update. How many people are noticing that some pictures are suddenly dissapiring?
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    the update did not touch that part of the usb drive on the phone .
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    I think I have missing pictured too.
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    I posted about this earlier today, pics AND vids missing.
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    yeah, and videos disapearing too!
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    happened to me too. had a bunch of pictures from a trip, most of them were suddenly gone
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    i read a few posts on the pre forum about this, and it looked like the naming convention started over after the update and it's causing some pics/vids to be erased.
    I installed the patch in preware that changes the naming scheme and havent had a problem yet...
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    It's a known issue and Palm does know about it. For now, you can use Jason's patch for the pics. For the vids, you're outta luck.

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