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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, plz no more anticipation threads. These things flood the first of this forum and usually have nothing relevant to add to this forum, just MHO.

    If someone actually was working with webos developers and had insider information than that is a very valuable post to have, but just dreaming about 1.5 or 1.4.1 or serves no purpose.
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    The only thing I would really really like to see is a basic image editing app.

    Something where I can crop, resize, change the saturation, remove red eye, or just a basic 'enhance' option.

    Photoshop mobile would be better though *Jealous of those darn Iphoners*
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    im seriously surprised only one person mentioned opening up the microphone to the SDK... i would FREEKING KILL for the ability to record voice memos like i used to on my Treo...
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    landscape-slideout keyboard
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    Quote Originally Posted by boskincb View Post
    How about an on screen keyboard that would be nice to see.

    Also when will this update be coming out?
    There's a patch for that, and an app for that.

    Double win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jephdood View Post
    I would like one o' them MIB memory eraser dealies. Oh, and teleportation.
    You could already have it and never know....
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    I'd like to see WebOS do something 'new' instead of 'more/better/faster'
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    I'd like to see Windows Live Messenger included in the native Messaging application.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juan_Ponce_de_Leon View Post
    landscape-slideout keyboard
    How is this a software issue?

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    I'm counting on the ability to finally control the invisible flying robot that comes with each and every Pre. Until now, the poor little fella just hovers around near the vaulted ceiling in my family room, waiting for instructions.
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    you are a rare mage, raremage, but I second the invisi-bot control. I don't have vaulted ceilings so keep hitting my head on the damn thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobman288 View Post
    I want a light when you record video! What do you want?
    That's what I hated most about my Nokia N95
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobman288 View Post
    I want a light when you record video! What do you want?
    Quote Originally Posted by bennish View Post
    i do seriously think there should be a 1.4.1 thread tho. it seems (may not be the case, but seems) like practically every 1.4 user is waiting for some bug fix. I love 1.4, but my pre is so unstable now. used to be ROCK. SOLID.
    Am I the only one who had no problems with 1.4?
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    I would like the Pre to have voice dialing.
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    the only issue i've had with 1.4 is random 'too many cards' errors... Even if only one card is open. A 'soft' reset takes care of it, but it would be nice to rid of that issue
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juan_Ponce_de_Leon View Post
    landscape-slideout keyboard
    Uhhh... wouldn't that require new hardware, not just an OS upgrade?
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    I would like an SDK API for Camera and the MIC- Welcome Shazaam and Skype!
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    Newbie, I just got my Pre two days ago and there a few things that are driving me crazy and could result in a return. 1) contacts, I have a lot of contacts, how come they arent grouped by letter so I can scroll to that letter and then to the contact. All with one had. This way you have to open the keyboard and it start typing, sometime difficult while on the run. 2) This one is a KILLER - The Web browser. When the font is to small I zoom in or increase the size, Unforgettably, and maybe a deal killer, the text doesnt re-size to fit the screen like my Tilt and TP2 and I have to keep scrolling to the right. I huge pain. THESE TWO THINGS SHOULD DEFINITELY BE FIXED
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    The grouping of contacts...interesting... I never had an issue I just scroll esp since it does momentum like scrolling (I usually never use contacts but instead type in any address to field or call to field)

    The browser... i dont think i get this one bc I zoom in as far as i want to get the size text i want..if it was limited to all text fitting to the screen i think the zoom would be pretty limited. Maybe I dont get what youre saying tho.
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    1.5? I'm still waiting on 1.4.1! Curse verizon!
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