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    Been flying through so many threads on different errors and following all the uninstall, reinstall, reboot insturctions to no avail and thinking perhaps missing steps while fioltering through the millions of documents on certain errors.

    I'm farily new to QI etc however am able to download ap[ps via precentral then install throguh webos however run into issues when trying to open the IPKG reporistory. It simply says error downloading packae feed.

    My next error is with preware. I;'ve installed it on my PC as well as on my Pre. On my PC i get an error "cannot seem to connect"

    On my pre i get the error Preware Manager is not running.

    I have uninstalled and re-installed WOSQI, Docto, package manager and preware all while rebooting between each step and trying multiple combinations of rebooting only after certain steps to avoid having to bother you all.

    But alas i'm stuck... any help would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance Adam
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    Just like to add my appology for typos!!
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    Palm blocked all links ):
    Palm Prē + Touchstone + iGrip PerfektFit...
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    im having the same problem, anyone have any ideas?

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