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    Experiencing it here randomly...dont have the SR500 pathc installed, don't have JsTop or Auto Garbage on....only have the usual Preware, patches, homebrew and thats about it.

    Rod could be on to something...hopefully a fix can get attention soon.
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    I've been noticing random restarts too. All of mine have happened while it was idly charging on the Touchstone. I don't touch it for hours and then all of a sudden I see that it's restarting.

    The restarting seems to be fairly quick though, so it seems like a Luna restart.
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    I installed patch that made it faster and it seems to work fine for me.It actually works now and not a battery life drainer also.Its in preware under danger cat.
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    I was getting random restarts also after 1.4. O2 GSM Pre in the UK.

    I followed Xenoc's instructions (LunaSysMgr Fix Instructions). I can't post links yet so here hopefully how to get to it:

    Forum: Palm Pre
    Thread: 600 mhz
    Page: 6
    Comment by: Xenoc
    Comment Title: LunaSysMgr Fix Instructions

    Since then I've had no problems with 1.4 and no restarts, reboots or freezing. Perhaps the LunaSysMgr was corrupt in some way during the install. Not sure if it will work for anyone else, but did for me. I was nearly at the point of reinstalling the whole thing but no need to now.

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    - running 1.4
    - preware
    - no patches since 1.4
    - I have homebrew apps installed
    - i have not doctored since 1.4

    Getting random reboots, but only seems to happen when JSTop is open (always update within a day of new releases). I often leave DrPodder & Spaz open in the background, but JSTop with Auto Garbage Collection seems to the culprit for me...
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    my phone is doing random freeze at times, like one of the posters said, ill hold the power button or slide it open. the screen finaly comes on, and immediate reboot. probably a luna restart. its kinda upsetting.

    sometimes it happens when i leave an app open, like maps or the camera. grrrr
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    I have had the issue mainly when having Preware and/or the App Catalog. The phone goes to sleep and whenI try to wake it up, it dies.

    I said mainly b/c it has happened on other circumstances also, but this has started only about a week ago (several days after I got 1.4).

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    I can confirm mine at least is Luna, being that it froze/restarted while I was on a call. The call was fine as I watched the Palm logo flash.

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    Running 600 MHz (actually has helped somewhat)
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    The restarts seem pretty random to me, but usually seem to happen when I'm reading e-mail. I will try to scroll up or down and it just "hangs", then after not responding to anything for a while the restart will occur. Doesn't seem to correlate with the arrival of a call or text but is pretty unpredictable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuhawksr1 View Post
    Piaband ... I couldn't have written it up any better than you. I'm experiencing the exact same behavior. We've got about the same # of patches and homebrew. I've also started noticing it surrounds a notification. For me, if the phone is dark and I try to wake it using the power button it will not come on. I'll hold the power button down a few seconds, then release and hit it again and the screen will come on. Within a second I'll notice an alert coming in and bingo, next thing I see is the Palm logo and the beginning of a reboot.
    Same issue here. Seems to be most prevalent when the browser or camera are open as it goes to sleep, but I've noticed it at other times too. Usually when I've been using it heavily, but not always. Also, I THINK that it only happens when it auto-sleeps, and not when I've hit the power button myself, but it may be a coincidence. It's not extremely common, but it is bothersome, and I'm worried I'll lose something important at some point.
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    I have the same problem. P.
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    I've only had freezing cuz of the 500mhz,wonder if I should take it off or what?
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